Friday, December 17, 2010

The story of hairpiece, The Bald And The Blind

At one time, there were three brothers of the descendants of Bani Israel. They live in poverty and always despised. One of three brothers known as The hairpiece.
He called such because leprous skin disease. The second brother, bald head. So he called The Bald. The third is called The Blind, because his eyes are blind.
One day, The leper said: "How happy I am when my skin smooth as silk and I have become rich."
He heard those words and sent the angel went to The hairpiece in human form. The angel said to the leper: "What do you want?"
"The skin is smooth and healthy from the disease. I also wish I could menternaknya camel for," said Si hairpiece.
Angels sweep The hairpiece entire body. The skin turned into a fine hairpiece. After that, the angels deliver a camel who is pregnant to the Si hairpiece.
Angel then went to The Bald is. The Bald was regrets the unfortunate fate itself. Shiny bald head.
"What you want, O Bald," asked the angel.
"I want to recover from the disease this bald. Let the hair is fine and dense growth. I also want to raise cattle," said Si Botak shy.
Angel gently rubbed the head of Si Botak. With the grace of God, the hair grew heavy. Her face was a handsome man. Angel was handed a cow pregnant to Si Botak. The Adjutant was kept until lambing thrived.
Then the angel went into the house nor Si Buta. Like two other brothers, they will ask what the Si Buta want.
"I want to blind my eyes healed by God. So I was able to see my brothers," said Si Buta.
The angel blind eye rubbing. The blind eyes opened, and it would shock him if he had to see. Angel asked whether the Si rich want Blind, and when the Blind The request goat, a goat, an angel also deliver a healthy and being pregnant to him.
Several years later, terkenallah three brothers because their wealth. Their livestock to meet their own farms.
They are now called Mr. hairpiece, Mr Bald and Mr Buta. Their wealth is spread among the children of Israel.
He then sent an angel to come down to earth in the form of a beggar. Firstly, the angel went to Mr. hairpiece.
"I was a poor traveler, sir," said the angel. "There is no provision for the home. By Allah, who bestowed the beautiful and the level of wealth, give me a camel to go on the trip."
Mr. hairpiece disgusted to see that travel in the future. But he said: "I have to solve many of the debt. I can not give any to you.
"May Allah restore the original master," replied the beggar-like angels.
After the angels are outstanding, The hairpiece into its former self. His skin is infected again hairpiece. Camel breeding is increasingly fell as dead. Finally drop all of its assets.
Angel went to see Mr. Bald was to ask for charity, Mr. Bald gave the same reason Mr. hairpiece. And the angels pray for God to make Mr. Bald as ever.
His head became bald again. The Bald cow also die one by one. The Adjutant then went back to the poor.
You will find Angel Blind. The man was always grateful to God. When the angel asked to be given a goat, Mr. Blind said: "Once I was blind. God has healed my eyes. Therefore, you take any of the goats of the earth to be bekalmu."
Hearing the answer, the angel said: "Keep your wealth well. Actually, God just wanted to try. Meredaimu God, while his brother was the wrath."

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